Five Free ways to care for a caregiver you care about

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Where would we be without caregivers? The word doesn't do justice for how much they mean to us. Whether it is a parent, a nurse, a dear friend, or someone in your community that is always looking out for others, we can all thank someone who fills this essential role in our life. Here's a free guide to give you some ideas on how to show them just how much they mean to you.

Together, We Thrive

As helpers in the LGBTQ+ community, our collective efforts can make a positive impact. Download our free guide and join the mission to support those who support you. Let's foster resilience, connection, and well-being together!

A Harvard study has recently shown that as many as 60% of caregivers show signs of compassion fatigue.

LGBTQ+ Caregivers are more susceptible to compassion fatigue compared to non-LGBTQ+ caregivers due to isolation and stigma, making them less likely to seek support and ask for help.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic the quality of life for healthcare professionals fell dramatically. Many are still feeling the fatigue and burnout.

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